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Be part of a community of reputable doctors.

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Personalised   |   Confidential   |   Reputable

No subscription

No admin hassle

Part of a regulated community

What we offer you

When our clients need to see a mental health therapist, we offer them a choice from our specialist network.

We organise everything from finding clients, screening, and scheduling sessions. So all you do is ‘turn up’ and do the job you love, alongside your professional due diligence.

Entry criteria

Each therapist needs to be professionally trained and registered to work for Mental Fitness Matters. To become recognised, please see our recognition criteria below. If you have any questions please contact us and we’ll be happy to help. ​ Hold accreditation with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and British Psychology Society (BPS) Have a clean record with the relevant professional or regulatory body. If you’ve previously undergone hearings or investigations we will need further information to process your application (please see the additional information section below which explains what we will need from you in order to consider your application) Have at least one year’s post qualification experience in full time private/NHS practice or three years’ experience if in part-time practice (minimum of two working days per week) Be undergoing regular supervision related to your caseload. You will be responsible for your supervision when working with clients provided by Mental Fitness Matters Have in place current indemnity insurance up to the amount advised by your professional or regulatory body, and attach a copy of your insurance certificate to your application Have an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificate (UK, Wales and Channel Islands), and have the appropriate child or adult barring list check, relevant to patients to be treated. An AccessNI enhanced certificate or AccessNI basic if self employed (Northern Ireland), or a Disclosure Scotland enhanced disclosure or Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) (Scotland) record check that was completed within the three years before applying for Mental Fitness Matters recognition Submit all invoices to Mental Fitness Matters for eligible treatment for our clients, receive payment from Mental Fitness Matters via BACs, and not send invoices to our clients ​ Additional information: If you’ve previously undergone investigations or hearings with any of your professional bodies please attach a copy of any correspondence with them about the investigation. If you’ve told us about any declarations, convictions or previous suspensions please attach a copy of investigation case notes and a covering letter explaining the circumstances in step two.

Member benefits

Mental Fitness Matters recognition can help you build and promote your practice. The benefits include:

  • Access to clients searching for specifically regulated, reputable, qualified professionals. We target clients who value your training and specialist skillset.

  • All administrative issues taken care of so you just have to ‘show up’ and do the work you love.


Ideal Client Matches

Through our questionnaire and consultation, we provide a comprehensive approach to find the best suited clients to match your strengths.


Free Teletherapy Platform

Sessions are secure and easy, with top-tier video and audio quality.

Before you apply

You can apply for Mental Fitness Matter recognition online in three simple steps which should take less than an hour, depending on the complexity of your practice.


Review our terms and conditions

If you apply for Mental Fitness Matters recognition, we’ll take it that you agree to the terms and conditions for joining

Confidentiality Guidelines: We’ll only use the information that you submit to us as part of this process for the purposes of this application, and in our ongoing relationship in the event that you become Mental Fitness Matters recognised. We’ve indicated in the application form which information may be shared with Mental Fitness Matters customers on our website and through other media. You have the opportunity to give your permission for this as you complete the application form.


Gather the documents you'll need

You’ll find it easier to complete your application if you have the following information to hand: •Your professional qualifications •The clinical conditions you treat and therapeutic approach you routinely use •Your supervisor’s details •Name and address of your therapy room(s)/practice •A completed reference from your supervisor on the template form provided •A copy of your enhanced DBS certificate, AccessNI enhanced certificate, AccessNI basic if self employed or Disclosure Scotland enhanced disclosure or Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) record check •A copy of your current indemnity insurance certificate •Your photographic proof of identity and completed Proof of Identity form


Understand what this means

Once we’ve received your application and supporting documents, we’ll process them. We aim to get back to you within five working days, but in busy periods it may take longer.


Your recognition begins on the day you’re added to Mental Fitness Matters list of recognised therapists.


What are the benefits of Mental Fitness Matters? Mental Fitness Matters recognition can help you build and promote your professional profile. It enables you to: •Receive agreed fees for the care and treatment that you provide •Receive payment of your online invoices with seven days of approval using the secure BACS system •Easy access to our team who can offer all the information you need to develop and manage your relationship with us

Why do we only work with recognised clinicians? Mental Fitness Matters recognition is a mark of quality. It offers our customers reassurance that they're getting access to high quality healthcare, customer service, and value for money, and that the clinicians who treat them are competent and experts in their field. Clinicians who are Mental Fitness Matters recognised meet the medical professional standards set by their appropriate regulatory body and any relevant specialist bodies. Our recognition is built on a uniform set of criteria that are in line with legal and regulatory requirements to practise in the UK.

Are there limits for clinician charges? The fees we agree with you are the rates up to which you can claim for treating Mental Fitness Matters customers. We agree fees as part of Mental Fitness Matters recognition to make sure that we pay a fair price for treatment on behalf of our customers. Administration fees are also added to the client fees for the work Mental Fitness Matters does in their marketing and administrative roles to ensure we maintain a community of clients who are respectable of your expertise and professional training. With competing pressures on disposable incomes and business costs rising, our customers expect us to manage healthcare costs on their behalf so that their health insurance remains affordable and they don’t need to cancel their policies.

Do we guarantee a certain amount of clients? Unfortunately, we’re unable to guarantee volumes of patients.

How often to we review fees? We’re committed to giving our customers access to high quality affordable healthcare. As part of this, we agree consultation fees with clinicians individually and continually review this. We’ll seek your feedback if we’re considering any changes in your speciality and will always welcome your experience and reflections on our service.

How did we reach the benchmark figure for initial and follow-up consultation fees for consultants? We looked at the fees we’ve agreed with clinicians who have applied for Mental Fitness Matters and used them to calculate a benchmark fee.

Will we let you know why if your application for recognition isn’t accepted? Yes, we’ll write to you explaining why, and you can also contact us directly with any queries.

How will we use the information you submit when applying? We’ll use the information to check that you meet our recognition criteria and, if you become part of the Mental Fitness Matters team, we’ll use it to support our ongoing relationship with you.

What information will we share with our customers? We’ll share your name and qualifications, your specialty/sub-specialty, and a short bio with our customers.

Where can I get an enhanced DBS certificate? You’ll need to use an agency to obtain a DBS check and the cost varies depending on their pricing. Mental Fitness Matters does not cover the costs of any DBS checks. You can find a local agency to process your DBS check here: •England, Wales and the Channel Islands •Scotland •Northern Ireland

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