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Personal Therapy

Mental Fitness Matters only recruit therapists with a specialist doctorate in therapy. We offer a unique option of outdoor therapy in the fresh air and connected to nature, alternatively we also provide face-to-face therapy in a specialist therapy room, or video-based therapy. We can discuss each option and decide what would be preferable for you during our initial free consultation.

We provide an integrative therapeutic approach to therapy, which means that based on your individual circumstances we will utilise different therapy models that we have been extensively trained in as a means of finding a bespoke therapeutic approach that best suits you and your requirements.  Twists, knocks, and roadblocks are an inevitable part of life, which can be the result of recent experiences or could stem as far back as early childhood. These often lead to feelings of stress, anxiety, panic, depression, low self-esteem, low self-worth, post-traumatic stress, and difficulties in daily living, relationships, and work. Whether you are new to therapy or not, having any of these feelings can make you feel stuck and navigating a path through this can be a daunting and overwhelming process. We are skilled in getting into the weeds of all life’s struggles with our clients and pulling on some of those threads in a safe and contained way that allows you to explore and make sense of the difficulties you are experiencing. Deciding to undertake psychological therapy can be a daunting, confusing, and pride affecting experience. We view it as a privilege to be given the opportunity to work with all our clients, to have developed the trust to be allowed into the parts of our clients lives that even they may have been anxious to delve into. We are safe and experienced professionals, trained in all the major therapeutic models, that can help guide and navigate you through this vulnerability. Our integrative therapeutic approach, coupled with an open and honest style will allow us to tailor our work to your specific requirements. Where we feel that you may have more effective experience elsewhere, we will do our best to signpost you in the right direction. We offer a free 15–20-minute consultation with any client who is interested in working with us. We strongly believe that the client should feel comfortable with the therapist and be able to share what they need in order to work through any mental health difficulties and be deeply happy in life. This is called therapeutic rapport, and without it therapy tends to be less effective.



Often, time, geography, and global events are out of our control, meaning that we can’t meet face to face. Also, some prefer doing this work in the comfort of their own home and feel more confident to approach difficult parts of their life virtually. If this is the case then we offer therapy through a confidential video platform.

One to One

Our one-to-one service is provided at The Cheshire Wellness Centre, which is a specialist bespoke mental health therapeutic facility. It's a secluded and idylic location overlooking the Bridgewater Canal and Cheshire countryside. We are passionate about providing people with a safe space to explore and work through the difficulties they are facing and this facility provides this. More detail will be provided on consultation and is dependant on psychologist location and availability.


Our experience (and research) suggests that outdoor therapy in a natural setting can be a great healer. This approach is based on developing a caring and compassionate therapeutic relationship with you, as this is the most active ingredient for effective therapy. This approach is available in Lymm, Cheshire (WA13 9LN) with specially designated routes developed to provide a safe and confidential therapeutic space.  Nature is healing for our mental health and wellbeing. Through nature we can learn more about ourselves and gain a deeper sense of connection with who we are and who we want to be. This therapeutic approach is designed to be both freeing and transformative. We are passionate about providing people with a safe space to explore and work through the difficulties they are facing. Whilst navigating to a new healthier way of living focused on improving quality of life and overall wellbeing.

How it works

Please contact us for a first meeting to discuss your concerns and expectations for therapy. We will work together to understand and clarify the best therapeutic approach for you going forward. We will have regular feedback sessions throughout the work we do to decide together whether or not you want to continue with therapy.

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