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Psychological Support


Mental Fitness Matters also provides bespoke psychological support for sport teams and organisations. We work with your whole team to provide a more detailed focused support on mental health and wellbeing difficulties related to sport and other life pressures that ultimately impact on an individual and team performance. This process has been researched by Dr Oliver Twizell and is informed by the input of sport professionals such as yourself. 

Dr Oliver Twizell's Publications and Research
How it works

Please contact us to arrange a first meeting to discuss where we might be able to help your team or organisation. Following Dr Oliver Twizell’s model, we will explore your concerns and expectations for therapeutic support and work together to understand and clarify the best therapeutic approach for you going forward. The important aspect of this is that it is a co-constructed therapeutic role development, built on your expertise in your organisation and industry and our expertise in psychological support. We will also have regular feedback and review sessions throughout this process.

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